As-salamu 'alaykum! Welcome to Manara Education

Supporting your family towards achieving excellence in holistic Islamic education              

Manara Education C.I.C. is an independent, non-sectarian Muslim organisation which supports holistic approaches to Islamic education and parenting, holistic and natural living, and academic excellence and virtue for young people. We promote an open, peaceful and inclusive approach and active engagement with our society and world.


We support teachers, home educating parents and families, through a variety of services, courses and training. We also support 'human scale' education, multi-age learning, personalised learning, education for sustainability, green living, Fair Trade, and parental choice.


Due to changes in legislation, Manara Academy's flexischooling programme ceased operating as of 4th January 2016, and we no longer offer any direct teaching or tuition services for children.


For  services listed below, and for more information please contact us on 07891 504807, or email:




Current Projects at Manara Education:

- Curriculum packages, testing and marking services for home educators;

- Educational consultancy;

- Montessori teacher education;

- Parenting classes and other classes in holistic, natural living.